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Nevada is the only state producing lithium in the U.S.


Lithium staking has become the “Gold Rush” of the 21st century in Nevada.


Mining is vital to the economy with vast operations throughout the state.

McDermitt Overview

McDermitt Caldera includes Thacker Pass, a construction stage project that is positioned to be the first lithium clay producing asset in the US[2]. McDermitt Caldera is potentially the largest source of lithium clays in the world. 

McDermitt Lithium East Project spans 6,508 acres of Bureau of Land Management claims with a preliminary surface sample of 1,907ppm lithium. 

Occupies a geologically strategic position on the margin of the McDermitt caldera similar to that occupied by the Thacker Pass project, which is 19 kilometers to west.  

This provides USCM additional project optionality with minimal initial cash outlay and earn-in expenditures over time to advance the project. The team is positioned to fast-track field studies required to refine and permit targets.

Lithium Haven

Lake water was extremely enriched in lithium and resulted in the accumulation of lithium-rich clays.

Big Neighbours

The Thacker Pass project can be found 19km to the south of McDermitt

Promising Results

 The McDermitt Caldera is potentially one of the largest sources of lithium clays in the world


The Project spans 6,508 acres
of BLM claims

Right Place

Located within the McDermitt Caldera, an extinct 40×30 km super-volcano

High Potential

NI 43-101 indicates a high potential for the project to host large amounts of lithium-bearing sediments.

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Active mine claims (49% of BLM total)


Active Exploration Notices


Authorized mining plans of operation

Lithium Worldwide Reserves & Expected Demand

US controls 3.6% of total world-wide lithium reserves yet is expected to account for a significant amount of demand for the unplanned new supply requirements needed to fuel the EV industry.

Lithium Reserves 2020

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Lithium Supply & Demand (kt)

1 – United States Geological Survey: Rare Earths Data Sheet, Mineral Commodity Summaries (2020), 2 – Darton Commodities Ltd., Lithium Market Review (2020-2021)