Sheep Creek

REE Project

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Minerals including gold, silver, platinum, moly, copper, coal & REE

Top 10

Ranked top 10 mining jurisdiction in US by Fraser Institute.

Long History

Long history of mining dating back to 1864 (state moto: Oro Plata).

Sheep Creek

Sheep Creek is one of the highest-grade light rare earth projects known within the US. It Is located in Ravalli County, SW Montana.

4,500 acres

223 Contiguous claims, approximately 4,500 acres.

300 meters

Over 50 carbonatite dikes up to three meters wide can be followed for more than 300 meters along strike.


Agreement to earn up to 75% corporate equity in newly formed US Rare Elements Corp.

High Grade

Across 51 historical samples, the average rare earth elements content was 6.8%, with peaks up to 18.0%, including 2.4% neodymium. The average neodymium and praseodymium content was 0.9%, while thorium levels averaged 200ppm, staying below the 500ppm permitting threshold.

Source: (1) Reference US Critical Metals Corp. press release darted July 25th, 2022

Critical metals

Elements include neodymium, praseodymium, gallium, niobium. Critical inputs in the creation of electric vehicle batteries, various technologies, and military and defense applications.

Source: (1) Reference US Critical Metals Corp. press release darted July 25th, 2022

Regional Activity

Sheep Creek represents a district scale opportunity to develop resources & reserves within the US. Project located in the heart of the district known for rare earth elements.

Regional Geology

Carbonatites occur in an amphibolite grade metamorphic package composed of gneiss, schist, migmatite, pegmatite and amphibolite.

Rock units occur in SW Montana and extend to the SE into Idaho where similar REE mineralization occurs in the Mineral Hill District.

Regional Activity

Sheep Creek occurs within a NNW trending belt of rare metal mineral occurrences and alkalic igneous complexes along the Montana Idaho border. Referred to as the Montana Idaho Alkalic Belt (MIAB).

Belt hosts Th, REE, Ti, and Nb deposits in SW Montana and adjacent Idaho including the carbonatite dikes at Sheep Creek and Mineral Hill (ID), along with the Th and REE veins at Diamond Creek, Lemhi Pass and northern Tendoy Mountains.

Exploration Plan

Historic sampling confirms high grade mineralization within historic property area. Completed detailed mapping and sampling (above and below ground) over historic claims. Results pending.

Sediment Sampling

Program from streams conducted over the entire claim block. Results pending.


And mapping of recently staked claim blocks to define additional drill targets.

Drill Targets

Being refined. Initial drill area will be focused on historic claims.

File Operation Plan

With Forest Service. Project previously permitted.

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+$2B USD

2021 GDP from mining and resources


People directly and indirectly employed


Counties with mining (56 counties total)

REE Worldwide Reserves & Expected Demand

US controls only 1.7% of total world-wide rare earth reserves yet is expected to account for a significant amount of demand for the unplanned new supply requirements needed to fuel the EV and national

Rare Earths Reserves 2021

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NdPr Supply & Demand (kt)

Sources: (1) United States Geological Survey: Rare Earths Data Sheet, Mineral Commodity Summaries (2020)) (2) CRU, Rare Earth Market Study (2020)